Help little Enoki bounce and wobble (and fall, lots of falling) its way back to its home deep, deep down below the surface. On its way try to collect as many crystal shrooms as possible, either as keepsake for your friends back home ... or just for yourself.


How to play

You can direct Enoki to the right or the left side of the screen, gravity was so nice to take over the responsibility for falling down.  On the way down you can "collect" (meaning: eat) some delicious fireflies. With the extra pounds gained from eating, you're easily able to break through the roots blocking your way to the shiny crystal shrooms. (Which you should try to collect, because they're shiny!)


You can either drag Enoki to the right or left with the mouse or just use "A" or "D" to either move to the right or the left.  


Drag Character around screen with either "A" & "D" or your mouse.

Collect    to break   to gather!

And now to reach the abyssal depths of Enoki's home! Have fun playing!


Now with more environments for you to enjoy!

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Authorgodcomplex games
Tags2D, Casual, Endless, mushroom, Relaxing

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it make me hapy when the mshroom go dwon

Cute little game with a nice and concise art direction. You can definitely tell that a lot of love and attention to detail went into this. Looking forward to the Enoki Expanded Universe :)